Fixed my green image problem!

Check the FAQ section on setting G2. This was exactly the problem I was having with my overly green image.

5th element
Along the way, I also undid a lot of the mistakes I made yesterday. I turned the mini-pots on the back of the RGB board (outside the projector) fully clockwise — effectively passing an unmodified signal into the RGB card. The changes I made yesterday helped my colour balanced, but at a huge cost to overall image quality. Now I have both.

I also discovered that there is something funky going on with my blue tube. It ‘flickers’ or at least does with a low signal. Jiggling the G2 pot (neck board) seemed to affect it — so there is something loose somewhere. I also get a bright ‘flash’ from time to time on the blue.

I used the G2 setting procedure as it is outlined in the FAQ. However, Kal and I discussed how he sets the G2 on his Barco 800. It is similar to how I used to on my ECP — I’m sure this would probably work for the Ampro as well.

(1) display an all-black pattern from Avia or whatever.
(2) Set Brightness to halfway (usually 50), contrast to zero.
(3) adjust G2 one tube at a time until the rasters *just* appear and all 3 tubes are even brightness.
(4) Then use Avia white and black pluge patterns to adjust brightness and contrast.

I also updated My Ampro Gallery with more pictures, check it out.