Well, one major server disaster later. I was reorganizing the computer room and hit the power bar of the machine this website is hosted on — one very corrupted mysql database backing the geeklog software was a result. I now know a lot more about mysql than I thought I’d ever need to know. Hopefully everything is back and working.

On a CRT projector note, the blue tube is an increasing worry for me. There is clearly something wrong — I’m going to have to track it down before it becomes a problem. I guess the first step would be swap the neck boards and see if the problem moves with the board.

Other ‘mods’ on the short list. Open up the HVPS and check (repair) the solder connections, add a fan probably. Modify the fan on the LVPS since that 60mm fan is the cause of the most annoying noise. I guess getting a scope on some of the voltages is also a good idea too.