Ampro Journal back from the dead

If I haven’t said it enough: backups are good, but when backups fail trust in google! Through Googles cache, I’ve been able to retrieve almost all of the content from the old Ampro weblog. Since some of the layout of the website has changed, I’ll be making some revisions to the postings to fix links and the like. Also, I’ll get a better looking theme here real soon.

Theater news: The Ampro continues to tick along on the ceiling. I’ve got the screen installed - and I really need to do a full mechanical setup. However, the image looks so good as it is I’m not that motivated to fix it. I’ve decided to have a bit of a ‘guys night’ every other week and try to make some progress on the theater, there’s lots of stuff to do. Some will be on my setup, and some on a few friends of mine. Cables are first I think - my extended VGA cable got busted up (and fixed) in the theater shuffle, so it needs replacing.