After a frenzy of painting the ceiling and getting things ready to mount the projector, it’s finally up.
Ceiling Mount
With the help of 4 friends to brute force it into position it was quick work to get it up. Not having the factory mount I created one from Unistrut. There is very little worry that it will ever fall down with six 5″ lag bolts into the joists above. I’m working on finishing up a whitepaper of sorts on unistrut mounts and will post that later. [edit: the DIY guide is here in the file section]
You’ll notice the bottom (now it’s the part towards the ceiling) is black. This is Tremclad rust paint, flat black — applied with a brush! It turned out much better than I thought it would, the paint seems to level itself out and finish very smooth. Later I’ll finish the rest, I think it will look really sharp.

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