Download List Now! Version 1.1.5

Tested compatible with: Zire 71; Zire 72; Tungsten E2; Tungsten T3; Tungsten C; TX; Treo 600; Treo 650; LifeDrive; Tungsten E; Tapwave Zodiac2; XPlore M68; Palm M515.

List will probably work on any PalmOS device – I have had confirmed reports from users that the devices in the list above do work, if your device isn’t listed and List is working well, drop me a note

Support Applications – these are provided “as is” with no support
WindowsXP ListPC by Denis Davydov
Windows 95/98/NT WListDB by Olaf Martens
Perl scripts by Darren Dunham
Perl scripts by Gustaf Naeser
Mac version by Yutakano

Databases for use with List
Medical related lists by Mark Bailey
Weight Watchers lists or
Memoware has a fair number of List databases
Scott Crevier’s Palm Resources

Older versions
List 1.1.4 — The previous version of List
List 1.1.3 — The previous version of List
List 1.1.2
List 1.1.1
List 1.01 — PalmOS 3.0 and up
List 1.01 international — Translations: French, German, Japanese, Russian, Danish, Spanish.
List 0.99 — Old version of List for PalmOS 1.0, PalmOS 2.0.
List 0.99 — Source of 0.99 version for educational purposes.