Update 0.93a — listdb.exe bug fix

September 2nd, 1998

A few people have been having trouble extracting .pdb files using listdb.exe. Some of these problems are due to a bug (now fixed) when the database has more than 127 records in it. Please give the new version (0.93a) a try.There is also a known limitation on the amount of text that you can enter in the note field when using the Pilot to enter the data. The maximum size of the note field is 4096 bytes, and this is supported by the listdb.exe program. However, due to some limitation in the PalmOS, text entry is limited to the equivalent of about 14 lines. I am working on a solution to this problem, but it doesn’t look like it will easy. If anyone has a better understanding of PalmOS and entering text, I would appreciate any helpful hints. Until I figure out a solution, if you require large note fields you can edit them as .csv files and use listdb.exe to convert them to .pdb files.

Also some minor updates to the web pages here, a little better documentation and the .jpg files were replaced with .gif files for faster load times.

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