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January 10th, 2000

What an interesting month it has been. After being very careful to weed out the bugs that plagued List 0.96, I introduced a version of listdb.exe that didn’t work at all! To top it all off, not only did I lose some of the website changes (the August 19th news update), I also managed to exceed the bandwidth my ISP allows for a single month..Olaf Martens martens@manhattan.lt has put together a WListDB update, you can get it here. He is also working on a complete re-write to help make it more user-friendly, so please email him with any suggestions you might have.

Both the listfull and listlite downloads have been updated. Visit the download page to get the latest version.

Hopefully all the little things have been cleared up now and I can get back to adding a few more features to List. If you are interested in knowing what’s in store, check out the readme.txt in listlite.zip. Thanks to all of you that have contributed in some way to making List what it is today.

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