Automate Backup & Backup next Hot-Sync

I get a fair number of questions about what these options do exactly – so I will attempt to explain them here.

Backup next Hot-Sync

List uses the default backup conduit – refer to your Palm user documentation on the backup conduit. This conduit knows how to take files from your Palm device and back them up onto your PC. There is a standard flag in the Palm database format that controls if this needs to be done (for advanced users – this is very similar to the archive bit on PC files). The Backup next Hot-Sync check box allows the user to manually control this flag. The Hot-Sync operation will clear this flag automatically when the database has been backed up. In List this flag is set per database.
Automate Backup

Since there is no need to backup a database that has not been edited, it is fairly simple for List to toggle the flag for you if you edit. The Automate Backup check box is used to tell List that it should flip the Backup next Hot-Sync check box for you when you edit databases. In List this flag is a system setting.


There is no synchronization with List and any PC application (that I know of). This is different than the built in applications which allow editing of records on both the PC and Palm device – and sort out things for you. If you use a PC companion program to edit a List database – simply install it on your Palm device. This will overwrite what is on the Palm device. I recommend you start by doing a hot-sync to get the latest backup of your data, locate the file – edit, and then re-install.

2 comments June 13th, 2007

Version 1.1.5

I believe I’ve fixed the edit issues that some folks were noticing.  Turns out in this case that removing code was the correct solution.  Less code == less bugs I suppose.
I also took a stab at creating better icons.  So they now have some colour, and transparency, as well as higher resolution options.

As always, check out the download page.

10 comments March 21st, 2007

Version 1.1.4

Updated one handed navigation which should work better on Treo 650 (and probably others).

I believe I’ve got this sorted out to work on all devices, but without the ability to test on a wide selection of hardware myself – I rely on users of List to provide feedback if things are working well or not.

The root of the problem is a change from the Treo 600 handling of the center key events which sent a vchrRockerCenter and the newer Treo 650 and T5 (and likely even newer devices) sending vchrHardRockerCenter as well as vchrRockerCenter depending on how the vchrHardRockerCenter event was handled. The sensible reason behind this change was to enable the press and hold the center button functionality in the newer devices, but it certainly makes supporting multiple devices tricky.

Check out the download page for the new version.

3 comments March 17th, 2007

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