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PalmOS is effectively a legacy system now.  I realize that the recently released PalmPre will have some form of compatibility layer, but I suspect there will be native Pre applications which have the same functionality (or at least if the BEST applications are emulated 68k apps, then the platform is in trouble).

The iPhone has really filled the gadget gap for most of the Treo users now (or they’ve got to a Blackberry).  I’ve very recently picked up an iPod Touch – and I may one day write some software for it, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I see that HanDBase is available on the iPhone – and it should be possible to convert your List format databases for use with it. If someone knows of a better database program for the iPhone, add a comment here and I’ll be happy to investigate and post my opinion.

From this point on – don’t expect another version of List for PalmOS.  There may be a future version for some other platform, but I don’t see that happening for literally years.  So it may be a long wait.

I will continue to host this site – and answer questions as best I can.

8 comments June 29th, 2009

Not Forgotten… Really!

So I recently upgraded to a newer version of WordPress, but it appears that that has broken my theme. The fix originally didn’t look easy, but after poking around a bit I was able to get things looking mostly correct.

While there haven’t been updates for a while – there hasn’t been a lot of traffic in terms of bugs or problems with List either.  I still get regular requests for a Windows Mobile version – the answer is still no plans for this.  Support for something cool like the iPhone is tempting, but I’m holding off until at least the 2nd generation of these before they are compelling enough to justify the cost.

12 comments March 20th, 2008

Version 1.1.4

Updated one handed navigation which should work better on Treo 650 (and probably others).

I believe I’ve got this sorted out to work on all devices, but without the ability to test on a wide selection of hardware myself – I rely on users of List to provide feedback if things are working well or not.

The root of the problem is a change from the Treo 600 handling of the center key events which sent a vchrRockerCenter and the newer Treo 650 and T5 (and likely even newer devices) sending vchrHardRockerCenter as well as vchrRockerCenter depending on how the vchrHardRockerCenter event was handled. The sensible reason behind this change was to enable the press and hold the center button functionality in the newer devices, but it certainly makes supporting multiple devices tricky.

Check out the download page for the new version.

3 comments March 17th, 2007

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