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Version 1.1.1

I’ve corrected a problem two people reported to me in regards to the 5 way navigation support in the View mode. This was causing unpredictable behaviour in some circumstances.

Version 1.1.1 can be found on the download page.

I’m still looking for validation that List is working well on various devices, please drop me a note if you have a device that version 1.1.1 works well with and it is not listed, or has a ? and I’ll update the chart.

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Bug in 1.1.0

A few users have reported that there is a problem with 1.1.0 (the most recent version). This problem appears when using the 5 way navigation on the “View” page to page up or down.

I will fix this shortly.

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List 1.1.0

“Yes, List is still supported” — This is a question I’ve answered many times over the last few years(!) since I updated the website.  I still get email on a regular basis asking me questions about the program.

I’ve now moved the List website from its old location at to  This also has allowed me to move to a wordpress based site which will make updates much easier.  Hopefully this will result in the website staying a bit more current than one update every few years.

List 1.1.0 adds support for the 5way navigation that is used in current PalmOS devices.  My personal Palm device is an old PalmV so all of the testing has been done on the simulator.  The editing pages do not play nice with the  5way navigation (yet) and due to the switch in tooling I don’t support the other languages (at least not in this version).  Visit the download page to get List.

While I intend to continue to support List, I’m not sure that I’ll be adding very many features – if I add any at all.  I will continue to keep the simple and (hopefully) intuiative design, List will do what it does well on as many Palm devices as I can manage.

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