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Quick update

It seems the new version of List has been well received on the most part. Some people have reported crash bugs, but they are all associated with “Hacks” that are installed.  If you are using EVplugbase or Hackmaster and experience crashes with List, try disabling any of the “Hacks” installed.  This will likely stop the crashes. If you discover a “Hack” that is List unfriendly, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  Darren Dunham has sent an update to the perl scripts available for download here

Mark Bailey has developed a List database that people in the medical field (doctors) might find useful. Visit his website and check it out.

Michele has contributed some List databases that Weight Watchers members will find useful, please visit her site.

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List 0.96

Version 0.96 – New features, minor bug fixes, and performance optimizations. List still works on all versions of PalmOS.  The website really needs an overhaul, the doc is slowly falling out of date, and with the new features the UI has changed slightly so all new screenshots need to be created.  Things might seem a little chaotic for a while around here.  I’ll try to update it soon.

There has been a lot of community support for List:

  • Eric Backus has created and shared via his website a number of useful List databases as well as making some improvements to the listdb conversion program. He has also created a RedHat RPM package for listdb to help out Linux users.
  • Gustaf Naeser has created a Perl script that will convert .csv files to List databases, this allows users who do not have access to a Windows or Linux machine to create List databases on their desktops. There is Perl support for both Macs, and Unix.
  • Darren Dunham has created a set of Perl scripts too, they are available here: Please contact him with any bug reports/problems/suggestions.
  • Olaf Martens created a Windows 95/98/NT companion program for List that does the same work as listdb.exe but adds a user friendly interface.


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