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New Version 0.92

This version of List is NOT COMPATIBLE with the previous version. You must delete the List application and all databases from your Pilot (use the built-in Memory application). Also remember to delete any list databases that exist in your Backup directory, otherwise when you HotSync the Backup conduit will re-install them.To convert an old format database to the new format use the listdb.exe program:

listdb -x mylist.pdb mylist.csv
listdb -c mylist.pdb mylist.csv
Then install the resulting mylist.pdb file.

In view mode you can now use the hardware page up/down keys to move between records in the current category. This is the same type of behaviour as MemoPad.

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PC support application “listdb.exe” bug fixes:

Anyone who tried out the listdb.exe program quickly noticed that it was not a “quality” program. I apologize to all those of you who spent time scratching your heads trying to figure out what you had done wrong. I’ve traded some more sleep time in order to take another pass over the code (hey who needs more than 4 hours sleep?). I believe the problem has been solved — I now have a mini test suite for the listdb.exe program (included in the full source download).There were no changes made to the pilot application (list.prc), so if you don’t care about the PC application then you do not need to get this update. Visit the download page to get the update (either or

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Update: Email address fixed!

My email address (link) on the web pages was wrong. It was pointing at which is very bogus. The correct email address is: to everyone who has show interest in List, I’m #3 on PilotGear HQ! Cool. I guess I’m going to start getting some feedback/bug reports now that you can actually email me 🙂

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