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List 0.96

Version 0.96 – New features, minor bug fixes, and performance optimizations. List still works on all versions of PalmOS.  The website really needs an overhaul, the doc is slowly falling out of date, and with the new features the UI has changed slightly so all new screenshots need to be created.  Things might seem a little chaotic for a while around here.  I’ll try to update it soon.

There has been a lot of community support for List:

  • Eric Backus has created and shared via his website a number of useful List databases as well as making some improvements to the listdb conversion program. He has also created a RedHat RPM package for listdb to help out Linux users.
  • Gustaf Naeser has created a Perl script that will convert .csv files to List databases, this allows users who do not have access to a Windows or Linux machine to create List databases on their desktops. There is Perl support for both Macs, and Unix.
  • Darren Dunham has created a set of Perl scripts too, they are available here: Please contact him with any bug reports/problems/suggestions.
  • Olaf Martens created a Windows 95/98/NT companion program for List that does the same work as listdb.exe but adds a user friendly interface.


Add comment August 11th, 1999

Oops! Version 0.95 — Bugfix for PalmOS1.0

Extensive testing on PalmPilot Professional and PalmIII, and I let one slip in on my beloved Pilot1000!  On Pilot1000 and Pilot5000 platforms you get a Fatal Error when trying to edit a new entry. This of course has been fixed in this new version.There is a beta Macintosh version of listdb being developed by Yutakano, visit his website: for the latest.

Some updates to the website, a new Features section, check it out.  There are now sample List databases you can download from the Download page.

Add comment November 2nd, 1998

Version 0.94 – bug fixes & new feature

Thanks to the 3com for their “gremlins” in the PalmOS emulator, it has been very helpful for testing and finding bugs in List. I have run hours and hours of testing on both the 2.0 and 3.0 debug ROMs. This has uncovered a few bugs (that are fixed in this release).A bug that was causing crashes on PalmIII devices when installing List databases, found and fixed. The note field limitation has finally been fixed, you should be able to easily enter more than 15 lines of information into the Note field, in fact the limit is 4k worth of text.

A new feature has been added: in the main view you can now enter a character using graffiti and if this letter matches the first letter in one of the items in the current category this record is scrolled to the top of the screen and the entry is highlighted.

List is compatible with ALL versions of PalmOS.

False positive virus alert BOCLIENT_TROJAN from PC-Cillin from TrendMicro. There have been a few reports that this particular virus software is flagging the List program as having a virus. I have double checked and do not believe this to be true. To be safe, I suggest you all check for yourselves. However, I believe that the PC-Cillin virus software is wrong for this particular virus alert.

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