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The Wish List

A lot of people send me notes that praise List for its simplicity, and functionality. However, there are at least as many people who ask for just one more feature. There are certainly a few that are very popular and are near the top of the wish list:

  • SDCard support, or any extended storage solution
  • Support for more fonts
  • Higher resolutions (320×480)

I’d also like to improve the 5-way navigation support. Devices that have one-handed navigation should work nicely now (the Treo for example) [Edit: my friend Ken just pointed out that the Treo doesn’t have nice one-handed navigation, grr.. apparently the Simulator and the Treo behave quite differently – something else to fix] but those that have a 5-way navigator like the LifeDrive are still sort of clunky to use.

There are some features I won’t likely add: More fields, support for non-PalmOS devices, images, hyperlinks, … (mostly things that go beyond the “simple database” idea)

Some of the wish list items have been on the list a long time, so it may be a long while before I get to them.

8 comments May 23rd, 2006

Bug in 1.1.0

A few users have reported that there is a problem with 1.1.0 (the most recent version). This problem appears when using the 5 way navigation on the “View” page to page up or down.

I will fix this shortly.

Add comment April 25th, 2006

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