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List 0.99

More bug fixes. PalmOS3.5 seemed to introduce a new crash for List, now fixed with version 0.99. The latest debug ROMs turned up a few minor problems as well, so those have been fixed. List works on all versions of PalmOS from 1.0 to 3.5.A small change to the downloads.  The is now just the english version of List. If you are looking for the French, German, Japanese, Russian, Danish, or Spanish versions of List please download The main reason for the split is to reduce the bandwidth the List site is generating, often when an update is made the site gets a bandwidth jam for a few days.

A Spanish translation is now available thanks to Rivero Alberto. Thanks also go to Laurent Poujoulat for convincing me to make the changes to List to improve the international language support. Other features include an improved algorithm for the quick find text, and the 12 database limit is gone (except for PalmOS1.0).

Kirk Conyers has an update to the utility. Jano van Hemert has taken the perl scripts and made a website that will create a list database from your bookmarks, check it out: Darren Dunham author of the perl scripts has his own website up now:

Carolyn Scheppner has created a modified version of List 0.97 called PlayList, you can check it out on her website: [Please note: anyone wanting to re-distribute a modified version of List needs to get my permission to do so, thanks].

It seems that MemoWare has started hosting List databases, so I would like to ask anyone that has created a List database they want to share to upload them to MemoWare.

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