Joining the club

My good friend Ken Walker, his wife Kelly and their family have had a rough time of it lately.  Kelly has been fighting Breast Cancer and is now going through Chemotherapy.  One of the side effects she has experienced is hair loss, and Ken decided to join her by shaving his head.

Today at work John asked if I liked my hair, and suggested it was possibly time for a haircut.  John stopped on the way home for a number one, all round.  I took the DIY haircut route, but the results are similar.

A haircut won’t help stop cancer, but I hope to raise a little awareness by talking about Kelly’s fight to everyone who notices the haircut.  Maybe you’ll read this blog posting and decide to give something to Breast Cancer Action.


I’ve decided to start including work related items in my blog here.  Please view the About page to see the standard disclaimer.  A fair number of the things I do at work can’t be discussed in public until they arrive somewhere in product form, by then they usually feel like old news to me and often information has been leaked via other channels.  Thus, some of the work related posts might seem a little boring to those “in the know” but I hope to help people put 3+4 together by linking to various bits of information, or simply provide a “straight from the developers” viewpoint.  I guess we’ll see how it goes, requests and feedback are welcome.

Recently Rick DeNatale posted a nice personal history of Smalltalk, I’m quite proud to have been part of building several of the products he mentions.  The OTI VM team started out building Smalltalk, but moved on to Java by first doing VisualAge for Java, followed by J9 for embedded.  Currently we still actively develop J9 which is primarily used as the core of the IBM JDK, but we still do embedded work as well as a Real-Time Java offering.

My day so far..

My birthday started off pretty nice – waking up next to Jenn who whispered a “Happy Birthday” to me.  Soon after our daughter Alison came by and wished me Happy Birthday, and then explained in great detail as she is apt to do that she would sing the whole song later.

Many IM‘s while at work with well wishes (thanks everyone).  Ken was busy sending me charts and data for a conference call I was on.  Then he said: “Have you seen this?  Scary” and attached a presentation called “urgent funding issue”.  It contained one slide:

While part of me think that turning 38 makes me old, another (possibly wiser?) part thinks I’m just starting to get to the good stuff.  Of course, 38 in hex is only 0x26 – so creative use of another base might be the solution here.