Milestone Birthday..

In recent years I’ve been a lot better about taking time off work, it helps that our office also introduced a policy of giving people their birthdays as an additional vacation day. I also always book my wedding anniversary off. Everyone should do this, if you’re not married pick some other significant day every year and take it. The randomness of a day off “just because” is pretty nice, but years when that falls on a weekend – well, do you take the Friday or Monday off? [the correct answer is yes]

2020 is a year none of us will forget. To lighten the mood, I present some evidence that we’re still a ways from the robot uprising. I fed a picture I just took into

photo result from

Happy Birthday to me, I guess I don’t look a day over 30..

It’s a boy!

babyOn April 26th our second child arrived.  We knew through the miracle of modern science that we’d be having a boy, so it would have been a bigger surprise if it was a girl.  Of course, the ultrasound doesn’t tell you what you child will look like (dark skinned or fair, brown eyes or blue) – furthermore you’ve got no idea what their personality will be like.

So far things with the baby (Mark) have been good.  Many of our visitors have commented how much he looks like me.  People said the same of our daughter early on, but today my Mom was over with some pictures of me as a child and there was a strong similarity – I wonder if it will stick.

Jenn (mommy) also is doing well.  The birth of a child is an amazing event, having been there for both of our children it’s an experience I will never forget (and I’m certain many fathers feel the same way).  Remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day – do something nice for your mom, she deserves it.