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As part of a Java Technology India Group event called “Java week 2011” – I was asked to participate in an interview with the experts series. The resulting video interview is linked above. If you want to see a bit more about the entire event, check out the main page.

I need to thank my co-worker Lee for bringing in his camera and also asking the questions on the video.  We did it late on a Friday in one take, so it is very casual.

Here is the list of questions asked:

  • Q. Thank you for granting us this interview. Please introduce yourself and let us know a little about your background and the work you are currently involved in.
  • Q. What has impressed you in monitoring developments in Java technology?
  • Q. What is IBM’s stake and investment in Java Technologies ?
  • Q. What are the technology focus areas for IBM in Java?
  • Q. Do you see any challenges with Java scaling up in leveraging multi-core systems ?
  • Q. While Java (and the JVM) approaches memory management as an internal matter, there are efforts towards moving parts of memory outside Java heap – for instance, look at GigaSpaces, Terracota (and their eCache) etc. What are your thoughts on how this is going to shape up? More specifically, will the Garbage Collection technology become optimal for specific use-cases like caching for instance?
  • Q.  Lately, there is an appliance based delivery of Java (Azul). That approach has compelling technical claims – be it ‘pauseless garbage collection’ or the simplicity in attaining elasticity (Zing). Can you compare and contrast in terms of the overall cost, usability and scalabilty of IBM’s approach versus the appliance based approach?
  • Q.  Any advice for our readers and young developers who aspire to pursue their career in Java ?

My favorite part of the interview is at the 10min mark, where the final question is asked.  If you manage to make it through all 11:20 of the video and feel I didn’t give enough of answer to any of the questions, feel free to comment and I’ll reply with expanded detail.

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