Docker and macvlan networking (IPv4)

Docker is the well known spin on Linux containers (LXC), if you’re not already playing with containers it’s probably time to jump in and get familiar. I’ve been (very slowly) migrating my personal infrastructure over to a container centric setup.

For me, containers are really nice for managing the set of software dependencies needed to run any particular application. It allows me to keep my RSS feed reader up to date, and avoids me breaking something my WordPress install needs or vice versa. Containers are a light weight virtualization.

The default networking model (default bridge) allows you to easily expose (map) a set of ports from the container, onto the host. This makes it easy to host an nginx container as your webserver on port 80.

Docker does some interesting network tricks to keep things more secure, but this gets problematic too. Containers can’t easily see the host they are on, making it difficult for container A to see container B’s port on the host – however, you can put both containers on the same docker network to allow them to see each other. This is a subject for another blog post entirely.

The macvlan support in docker is very cool. It allows you to provision a second IP address on the same network card, giving your docker container a full IP on the local network. In the world of virtual machines, similar macvlan support is available, and when you want to treat a docker container like a mini-VM, this is very useful.

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Milestone Birthday..

In recent years I’ve been a lot better about taking time off work, it helps that our office also introduced a policy of giving people their birthdays as an additional vacation day. I also always book my wedding anniversary off. Everyone should do this, if you’re not married pick some other significant day every year and take it. The randomness of a day off “just because” is pretty nice, but years when that falls on a weekend – well, do you take the Friday or Monday off? [the correct answer is yes]

2020 is a year none of us will forget. To lighten the mood, I present some evidence that we’re still a ways from the robot uprising. I fed a picture I just took into

photo result from

Happy Birthday to me, I guess I don’t look a day over 30..