Goo Gone

I like to buy movies, but I’m cheap. This means I usually pick up previously viewed movies, often in multiples to take advantage of the sale prices. This is one thing that digital media has changed the equation for, the used copy is exactly as good as the new copy with maybe the exception of the packaging.

I does drive me a little nuts that the video store will liberally put stickers right on the case (vs. on shrink wrap around the case as you would get with a new purchase). Do I really want to advertise that my movie collection is primarily built out of previously viewed titles? It turns out there is a simple solution to removing those really sticky, gooey stickers.

Goo Gone.  This is wonderful stuff. A small bottle will last a very long time. To remove a sticker, peel off what you can easily. Then use a paper towel to give the sticker a soak in goo gone (a few seconds). Then gently with a finger nail scrape off more of the sticker. Usually the ‘stick’ is gone and you just need to remove the paper blocking the goo gone from getting to the rest of the stickyness. The entire process should take a few minutes.

A water rinse and you’ll have it looking as good as new.  For movies, I usually remove the movie and the artwork to avoid getting it messed up while I’m cleaning the case.

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  1. Indeed, Goo Gone is amazing stuff. I’ve used it for several years, in similar fashion, for removing unwanted packaging material from CDs and DVDs. Especially handy when removing those annoying magnetic strips. Highly recommend keeping a bottle around as well.

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