Bye Bye TT-RSS

It was way back in 2013 that Google decided to shut down Google Reader. I had a rich list of RSS feeds that I read regularly and didn’t want to lose that experience, so I decided to switch to something I could host myself. At the time TT-RSS fit the bill nicely.

In the process of moving to a docker container managed server, I switched to the tt-rss image. Then at one point I went to pull an updated version of the image and discovered it had been deprecated.

This resulted in my digging around a little to see what options I had to get a docker version of TT-RSS. I did find that there is a maintained version of a container build, but it seems to be only for development purposes. It didn’t feel like it was something I wanted to make use of.

As I dug deeper, I came across some dirty laundry. This didn’t really give me a good feeling about the TT-RSS project as a whole. Then I came across someone who was quite opinionated about TT-RSS. Well, this is the internet and there are lots of opinions out there. Still, I’d formed my own opinion along the way and decided that TT-RSS is no longer for me.

What next? Well, I decided to make that a completely different post which I’ll get up soon. The nice thing about many of the RSS feed readers, TT-RSS included – is that they support the export/import of your feeds. This makes it easy to switch.

There is a small cost to moving readers.  Aside from my read/unread marks in the feeds – I lose the starred articles I’ve collected over time. I had 84. There were 3 main sites I tagged with stars:

It turns out it was easy enough to pull that list down, so I’ll post it here to capture the interesting list.

2020-04-14 World Wide Boomerang
2020-02-22 Arkanoid Clock Is Exactly What It Sounds Like
2019-10-25 BrachioGraph Pen Plotter @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay
2019-06-06 You Don’t Need That Bulky CRT Oscilloscope An
2019-05-13 LED Jewelry Makes Neat Use Of Brass
2019-05-04 Full Earth Disc Images From GOES-17 Harvested
2019-04-12 Etch-A-Snap: an Etch-A-Sketch Camera @Raspber
2019-04-08 Get Great 3D Scans with Open Photogrammetry
2019-02-20 NEW GUIDE: Make It Pulse using Circuit Playgr
2019-02-13 Palm-Sized Gatling Gun Has 32 Mini Elastics W
2018-12-09 Easily Deboss Notebooks with a 3D Printed Sta
2018-11-25 Mug-O-Matic Plots On Coffee Mugs
2018-11-19 NES Hack Lets the Mario Bros. Play Together
2018-10-03 A WiFi Flip Board of Who’s in the Office with
2018-09-27 Laser Noob: Getting Started With the K40 Lase
2018-09-26 How-To Guide for that 8-Bit “Rickrolling” Jin
2018-09-17 Hacked Electric Toothbrush Defeats Locks With
2018-09-19 NEW GUIDE: Circuit Playground Express Head-Ti
2018-08-21 An LED You Can Blow Out, With No Added Sensor
2018-07-19 Energy Harvesting Design Doesn’t Need Sleep
2018-07-05 A Flashlight Powered by Your Hot Little Hands
2018-05-27 A Nicely Crafted POV Lightsaber
2018-02-27 Crankshaft: Open Source Car Computer
2018-02-02 Three Wires = One Motor
2017-12-21 Read Home Power Meters With RTL-SDR
2017-05-10 Quick and Dirty Shock Gloves
2017-04-21 CCTV Camera with Raspberry Pi 2 and motionEye
2017-03-31 Hack your own Lisp Language Using… Well… Anyt
2017-03-30 Brick Tape, A Flexible LEGO-Compatible Parame
2017-01-26 3D Printing a NeoPixel LED Bracelet! #3DThurs
2016-12-25 Track Wi-Fi Devices In Your Home
2016-12-06 ‘subLaundry’ Combines Paho MQTT Python, @IFTT
2016-11-27 DIYing A Raspberry Pi Power Bank
2016-11-25 Tiny Tunes On An ATtiny13
2016-11-11 ESP Clock Needs More Power
2016-11-09 NEW GUIDE: John Park’s Light Paintbrush with
2016-10-14 ‘Pi Power’ Handles Power Management & Control
2016-09-30 How to Turn Pi Zero into a Mini Dongle Comput
2016-09-29 Mold Chocolate to Create a Candy-Filled Jug
2016-09-28 808 Drum Machine In An ATTiny 14-Pin Chip
2016-09-09 Cityscape Infinity Table
2016-09-06 Assemble a Brick Pizza Oven in a Day
2016-08-31 Homemade Upcycled USB Battery Pack Made from
2016-07-30 Hacklet 118 – Infrared and Universal Remote C
2016-07-24 The Raspberry Pi Has Revolutionized Emulation
2016-06-23 Serial Monitor Tool for Chrome Apps
2016-05-03 Detecting Beetles That Kill Trees, Make Great
2016-04-07 Micro 105 FPV Quadcopter #3DThursday #3DPrint
2016-03-10 Convert a Playstation Controller to a Bluetoo
2016-02-23 IoT Weather Station With Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8
2016-01-30 Adorable Quadruped Robot Hops and Walks
2016-01-26 Sub $300 CNC, If You Have a 3d Printer
2015-12-18 How to run a Pi Zero (and other Pi’s) from a
2015-12-12 DotStar Pi Painter painting @raspberry_pi @st
2015-12-01 Easy Power Supply Mod Takes Control
2015-11-17 Audio-coupled Smoke Alarm Interface Sends Tex
2015-11-07 Hacklet 83 – Tiny Robot Projects
2015-11-06 How to Build a Portable Hacking Station with
2015-10-24 Low-Cost, Arduino-Compatible Drawing Robot
2015-09-26 How to Take a Selfie with the Milky Way #cele
2015-09-13 Sous-vide cooking allows you to cook better t
2015-09-11 Strange Signals? Sigidwiki!
2015-08-10 Wobblebots Walk Without Motors or Electronics
2015-07-27 3D Print This Elegant Cold Brew Coffee Maker
2015-09-08 Build A 3D Printed Electric Skateboard
2015-09-05 Upgrading Your Alarm System With an Arduino
2015-08-22 How to Make a Flexible Camera Mount #celebrat
2015-08-20 Portable Raspberry Pi 2 game console #3DPrint
2015-08-19 Color by Number 3D Printing Style
2015-07-24 Build a Drawbot from Two CD Drives and a Rasp
2015-07-16 Photon laser engraver #3DThursday #3DPrinting
2015-06-26 Build A Raspberry Pi Security Camera #piday #
2015-03-21 GT2 Belt Drive Conversion of Printrbot Simple
2015-03-18 How to Directly Program an Inexpensive ESP826
2015-03-05 Sub 30$ 3D laser scanner #3DThursday #3DPrint
2015-02-26 File Sharing In Your Pocket
2015-02-17 Turning a 3D Printer into an Injection Moldin
2015-02-12 Why You Should Care About Software Defined Ra
2015-01-29 DiResta: Sawhorses
2015-02-08 War Gaming for Security Cred
2015-01-06 Making Something Useful With The ESP8266
2014-12-31 New 3D Printing Technique – Friction Welding
2014-12-18 Guide for Building an Accurate #3DPrinted Dal
2014-12-18 My Adventures with 3D Printed Insoles – #3DxF

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