Playing in the Cloud

mirrors_edge_2dThere has been lots of talk lately about “the cloud” – I was a little taken aback by this blog posting from Google which implied that Google is the cloud.  Pat also recently posted about web UIs that I’d recommend people check out.  I’ve been keeping an eye on some of the instant on OSes, and it turns out a friend of mine is involved with one of the companies offering a cloud solution.  I’ll admit that the cloud concept is very cool – but what I really want is to host my own cloud (and yes, that does seem a bit backward).

Let’s get back to what computers are good at – entertaining us.  If you haven’t seen this yet, you need to check out – a pretty neat flash based game that is a 2D take on Mirrors Edge.  It only take about 30mins of toying around to exhaust the content on the beta site right now, but if you enjoy 2d platformer games this will hook you.

The other night my internet connection was down for about 30 minutes.  How annoying will that be once all our data is in the cloud?

One thought on “Playing in the Cloud”

  1. Own your own cloud NOW…. see:

    apparently now shipping with next Ubuntu!

    As for how annoying it will be… yeah, I’m agreeing with you.
    Part of the problem is the situation in Canada… the CRTC screwed up with their throttling ruling, and I don’t see them getting better. We will have to code around them. Or move.

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